The aggregated datasets are so complex, applying algorithmic analysis for medical uses may help expand AI as it unlocks biology.

The new findings will go a long way toward defining individual abnormalities and customizing patient treatments.

Artificially intelligent personal digital assistants controlled by voice à la Amazon Echo and Google Home have a bright future in healthcare. However, they will only go so far as a transformative technology. 

The device is only approved in the United States for investigational use at this time.

Only 34.7% of patients were happy with a mammography-only approach and many weren't worried about contrast imaging risks, according to a new single-center survey.

Putting OAC therapy on hold does have its own benefits, the authors wrote, but uninterrupted OAC therapy is still the better choice. 

The European Union has granted CE mark approval to a breast cancer screening system that combines a thermal imaging device with cloud-hosted AI analytics.

Physicians called on imaging societies, clinicians and news media to spread awareness about vaccine-related swollen lymph nodes.

Typically used to treat Type 2 diabetes, metformin may also provide value as a treatment option for a serious, potentially fatal kidney disease. 

Plus, imaging provider Envision Healthcare promotes permanent chief financial officer, UCSF appoints three new clinical leaders and more.

“Our research has identified a secret switch that allows heart muscle cells to divide and multiply after the heart is injured," one researcher explained. "It kicks in when needed and turns off when the heart is fully healed."

The Heart Failure Association, European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging, European Heart Rhythm Association and European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions all collaborated on the position statement.