Aidoc announced Tuesday, June 11, that it has received FDA clearance for its AI-based solution for triaging cervical spine fractures.

Harvard researchers have identified three health interventions that, if implemented and followed closely over the next quarter-century, could prevent up to 94 million early deaths from noncommunicable diseases like CVD.

CVS Health has launched a new platform that allows its pharmacy benefit management (PBM) clients to contract, implement and manage their health and wellness solutions.

A new deep learning approach lowered radiation exposure from CT imaging while producing higher quality scans compared to traditional iterative reconstruction techniques, according to research published in Nature Machine Intelligence.

Tel Aviv, Israel-based Aidoc has received FDA approval for its new AI solution that helps specialists triage cervical spine fractures.

UnityPoint Health, a hospital network based in the Midwest, is stepping up to invest in digital health and healthcare services solutions with a new $100 million venture fund, UnityPoint Health Ventures Innovation Fund.

A new building is soon to rise in New York City inside which will buzz myriad medical research and clinical activities involving AI.  

Heart patients with untreated white coat hypertension are more than twice as likely to die from cardiovascular disease as their normotensive counterparts, according to a June 11 study.

Open-access (OA) publishing in radiology and nuclear medicine has slowed in recent years, and authors of a new study believe radiology—as a whole—needs to be more supportive in offering free access to the field’s latest research.

Strategic Radiology announced Tuesday, June 11, that Charlotte, North Carolina-based Mecklenburg Radiology Associates (MRA) has joined its growing coalition of independent practices.

Researchers from Boston University have developed a new magnetic metamaterial that could help improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of MRI scanners, sharing their findings in Communications Physics.

Healthcare organizations are keeping an eye on technology behemoths, which are the new entrants and competitors in the healthcare industry.